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debian.ch Merchandise

debian.ch produces various materials to be sold at expos/meetings in Switzerland.
If you are running a Linux User Group or similar and would like to resell them, let us know and we will find a solution.

Items are also available for everyone by mail order. Please transfer the exact funds (item prices, shipping, donations…) to our bank account (details listed on the front page) and send us an e-mail a few days later.

According to our bylaws , all the money debian.ch owns is actively used to support the Debian project in various ways, for example participating at events or sponsoring Bug Squashing Parties.

If you have more photos showing the material below, please send an email to sales@debian.ch and we will link to them!

Please also have a look at the general Debian merchandise wiki page.


For each T-Shirt, shipping within Switzerland costs 3 CHF, while within Europe it costs 8 CHF.

DesignPriceAction shotsStock
debian.ch classic design debian.ch classic 25 CHF 1 2 3 !no-js!

Many thanks to Lixette, Akira and OdyX from Swisslinux.org for the debian.ch pictures!


A foillabel is a glued foil which will be cut into shapes with a special kind of a plotter. Thus, there is no white, transparent or whatever background at all, just the foil.

For each sticker, shipping within Switzerland costs 1.50 CHF, while within Europe it costs 3 CHF.

DesignSizePriceAction shotsStock
Debian Women swirl design Debian Women swirl 30 x 42 mm 2 CHF !no-js!
31 x 45 mm 2 CHF !no-js!
debian word design, black with red i-dot "debian" word
(black or white, red i-dot)
36.3 x 11.8 mm 2 CHF Black: !no-js!
White: !no-js!
The Debian Swirl with BSD horns Horned Debian Swirl
(Debian GNU/kFreeBSD logo)
30 x 32 mm 2 CHF !no-js!
38 x 40 mm 2 CHF !no-js!


This is a collapsible umbrella and thus it is quite small when closed.

The best thing is to order at least three umbrellas, given that shipping for one umbrella is insanely expensive in relation to the cost of the umbrella. Shipping for three umbrellas is 7 CHF in Switzerland, 12.50 CHF in Europe and 18 CHF worldwide (double this for up to 6 umbrellas). One umbrella is around 220 g, and you can look at the Swiss Post web site for shipping prices, but please confirm your conclusion with sales@debian.ch.

DesignPriceAction shotsStock
Debian openlogo on white or black background Debian openlogo on white or black background 25 CHF 1 2 3 Black: !no-js!
White: !no-js!